About Us

We are the Whip team. We work hard every day (and ingest indecent amounts of caffeine) to bring you a new way to create, share and discover social albums. We're a curious bunch and can't wait to see what you'll Whip – so go ahead, take it for a spin!

While Whip is new, the masterminds behind it are not. For more than 17 years, ArcSoft has been providing digital imaging technologies to industry leaders such as Nikon, Olympus, Hewlett-Packard and Samsung. In fact, if you took a photo last weekend, we were probably there (not in a stalking kinda way). Lucky for you, many of these great technologies are in Whip. Which means making a vibrant, fun album is now quick and effortless. So download Whip, or get to know us – we created a little Whip just for you.

Here's to telling great stories together.

The Whip Team

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